donate to charity for a “disease” that already has a “cure” the pharmaceutical industry

I can’t help but laugh when someone tells me to donate to charity for a "disease" that already has a "cure" the pharmaceutical industry won’t tell them about. Watching these "educated" people "run for a cause" or to "cure cancer", and attend "charity" events and conferences/seminars where "looking/searching for a cure" is the main topic of discussion, followed by an exchange of bouquets of flowers, certificates of appreciation/recognition presented by some medical lobby frontman to some vain idiot for his or her "humanitarian services", lots of handshakes, claps and photo sessions, after which a meal is served, and everybody goes home and posts pictures of that shit to impress other idiots like themselves… and NOTHING has happened, nothing has actually changed. Nobody is any better off. Millions are still suffering and dying each day, and millions more are being suckered into getting expensive fake bullshit painful treatments done and still dying slow agonizing deaths everyday anyway. Literally, nothing changes… except the fact that we have some idiots who just delude themselves into thinking that they changed the world and "contributed towards society", that is all. Nothing of substance has been achieved. It was just a hotel hall or a lawn full of clueless twats who believe they’re saving the world. These are what we call the "normal" members of society, always "busy" and tied up with engagements, giving themselves a false elevated sense of importance all their lives.
I personally think they’re twisted and sick minded people, I mean like really mentally sick individuals.
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Michael Roux did a “surprise visit” to La Mar

Michael Roux (probably the most famous chef as indicated in this article) did a "surprise visit" to La Mar at the Mandarin hotel to evaluate the food/service. My daughter Megan was working the Ceviche bar, where he sat with his wife while she engaged with him and prepared his Ceviche. The next day the staff was surprised when he walked in to their meeting, pointed her out and told the 

ugg and her how she was going to be a success based on her skills and attitude. Well, here she is now in NJ killing it at 26 West in Red Bank, making a name for herself and doing just that!!! So proud of eveything she has accomplished, it took time but obviously worth it now!! Congrats Meg LaManna, so very proud of you!

Halong Beaches and Islands

Cat Ba Resort has a private beach, offering guests a relaxing stay in wooden bungalows. It features a beachside restaurant and shuttle service to the resort.
Catba Resort has 29 guest rooms, ranging from comfortable rooms to enjoy beautiful views of the sea and surrounding greenery. Guests can spend lazy afternoons lying on chairs at the beach. Alternatively, guests can take part in a range of activities including volleyball, kayaking and fishing, explode Halong Beaches and Islands. Tour and car rental services are provided.
On-site dining is available at Monkey Restaurant. Take in the view of the sea and enjoy the cool breeze while enjoying the food of Vietnam as well as the West.

Facilities of Resort Cat Ba
Private beachLandscape garden, 24-hour reception, restaurant, karaoke room, pool table, airport shuttle, family room, laundry service, luggage storage service, smoking room, room service, tour desk, wi-fi / internet

A friend recently asked me what I think the next big thing is

A friend recently asked me what I think the next big thing is, since she thinks I’m a predictor of trends. Here’s what I think: after yesterday when a little man, prompted by other little men, set off a big bomb designed to kill mostly young women and girls at a concert of a female artist whose tour is titled "dangerous woman", something shifted, hardened. It didn’t start with that bomb, it started with others — in Iraq, Afghanistan, the children in Syria. The girls abducted Nigeria. The girls sold into sex slavery around the world. The girls being gang raped in India…maybe for me it started with the Vietnam War, all the assassinations, or hearing about young women being murdered, or being thrown into the backseat of a Volkswagen and assaulted on what I thought was a date. I sense this hardening not just in me, but everywhere.
The result will not be for women to go underground again. The result will not be for women to be more oppressed again. It’s just not going to happen. The opposite will happen. We’re done with this. We’re done with violence against our sisters, mothers and daughters our sons. The world has seen the end of the oppression of the feminine, and we will not stand for this violence any longer. If it continues, we will all be extinct within 20 years at the outside if the good ole boy regimes continue to run the game. I think it’s time to call it. I doubt there is any female on the planet right now who isn’t ready and willing to stand up as a "dangerous woman"– able is another thing, but it’s up to us who can to help those who can’t.
As I write this I think, "but how?" Fighting violence with violence doesn’t work, even though hearing of this bombing made me want to punch a wall. I’ve had it up to my eyeballs, haven’t you? How many of us were raised by pissed off women, and how many had grandmothers who never pursued their life’s calling because they were prevented– by the men in their lives, by the men in society. They couldn’t vote much less work. Need I go back further?
Oh wait, we’re the inferior ones of the species, I forgot.
But what about Hypatia, the genius mathematician, philosopher, engineer, inventor, scholar– I think she probably was Not in the minority in terms of her intelligence… I am beginning to think history has been mutated by bullies with too much testosterone and low intelligence. What would music history be like if we were able to remember Nannerl Mozart –not to take anything away from her brother, but they were both prodigies (I mean, really — autocorrect wouldn’t even let me type her name). Or Alice Guy-Blache — who is remembered as the first Female film director and writer of films — No, she wasn’t the first female film director — she was the first film director I’m pretty sure, and amazingly prolific at that… how much longer are we going to let half the world control the other half by violence and vitriol?
Hypatia was so smart and so influential — and she was dragged through the streets and torn apart by an angry mob — of men–. Imagine. She was stripped, dragged through the streets, beaten and burned. In 415 I think.
But we can’t meditate our way out of this. Desperate times call for desperate measures, although the solution that comes to mind doesn’t seem desperate. It seems logical. It’s what we do with our pets, or animals who are too aggressive. I think it’s time for crimes against women to result in castration. First offense — of any crime. Sorry boys, you commit a violent act against a female or a child and your boys get a little snip snip. Across the world. We do it to aggressive male animals for a reason. I can’t think of another solution. If you’ve got a better idea, by all means…. Although I can see it — I can see the people standing outside the PCC with the petitions, just like they did to legalize marijuana, can’t you? I can see it on the ballots and passing with high margins. It would solve so many of the world’s problems.
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Noah and I were flying home from Arizona

Noah and I were flying home from Arizona. And traveling with an infant is not the easiest task. Especially when you like to pinch your airfare pennies so you can use them on other things; and rarely purchase luggage.
This means you’re heading through the airport with your baby in his car seat, his bag, and your bag. This may be the definition of a pack mule. Ha.
We arrive at our small gate and sit down, dropping our bags, placing Noah in front of me, and slouching in my chair as a sign of my need for rest. A few minutes later two young teens began shooting "psssst! Excuse me!" words my direction. I turned and looked with bewilderment at them, "Yes?" They shared, "Ummm… Could you move because our parents are sitting there?" Certain this wasn’t really a question I said, "Sure I’ll stand." The terminal was now full. Their parents arrived 15 minutes later.
In the mean time, a little girl, around Eli’s age, meekly came up to me and quietly excused herself for her interruption. After my acknowledgement, she motioned her hands towards her seat and offered it to me.
Whoa! Do you know how cared for I felt by her? Do you know how cared for I felt by our Lord? Incredibly.
Something seemingly so simple made a HUGE impact on me. I want to be that person, willing to give up my seat for someone. I want to raise children who see people in the world and look for opportunities to give up their seats in all kinds of ways.
#raisingarrows #bethechange #bekind #itchangeslives

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This looks staged but it’s not

This looks staged but it’s not. This 3rd-grade class was on their way to theatre class this morning when we all spotted the first Yellow-rumped Warbler to arrive on campus this fall. They were thrilled! So all of Esperanza’s students who predicted an October 2 arrival for this species just won a trip to the Natural History Museum!

I want to start a conversation about gun control

I want to start a conversation about gun control. Since the cowardly GOP and Fox Network won’t. I will begin.
No one should be able to have more than one gun. They can have a choice: a musket like the original founders, or a single action pistol, and they have to make their own round bullets, load them like the original founders did. That would be a strict interpetation of the 2nd Ammendment. AND they must be used only if they belong to a local milita (which was controlled in those days) to protect the villages from Indians (Native Americans) and the English. So if we are ever attacked by those two groups, we could protect ourselves (the original intent of the 2nd Ammendment).
No one should ever be allowed a gun without a background check, actual fire arm safety lessons, and constant renewals (like license plates we all have on our cars).
If someone wants to go hunting, they are allowed to use that one gun (bolt-action rifle or hand pistol) only.
Now let the debate begin.Post everywhere. Let the gun owners decide what is reasonable compared to mass killings.

We may not know the reason the latest mass shooter had for killing people, but it is esy to guess someone else will try to do more damage, and the…

We may not know the reason the latest mass shooter had for killing people, but it is esy to guess someone else will try to do more damage, and the GOP/NRA want large numbers to die, or they would do something.
This guy was not a Muslim. He was white, make, 64 years old, no arrest record.
They made a big deal out of his father having been a robber, but it did not mean he had an arrest record or reason for revenge.
He was a millionaire, according to the reports, so money was not a motive, no religious reasons, no known political, it does not fit any profile. But he was not Black, or Hispanic, or Muslim.
He was a white old man with many high-powered guns.
We do not need to worry about ISIS. We have our own homegrown killers, ticking timb bombs, seeing the momentary press glory, and who knows when or where they will hit next.

There is logic in this, except I dislike the line about “being stupid,” as it may offend some who just use the line offhandedly! Many are being…

There is logic in this, except I dislike the line about “being stupid,” as it may offend some who just use the line offhandedly! Many are being manipulated by the NRA & the fear mongering people who are in both major political parties in Washington. They all gain by promoting & maintaining the status quo! Only the masses, of which I am a part, suffer
by their ineffective leadership.

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